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Wine bar
La Cërcia

Wine & cocktail bar located in the centre of Ortisei

Enjoy cool drinks, exquisite wines and champagnes as well as delicious snacks in the exclusive yet relaxed atmosphere of the LA CËRCIA wine bar.

La CËRCIA derives its name from "fé la cërcia", which means "to taste" in the Ladin language. As such, we are committed to being a welcoming place for tasting, where you can sample and experience new flavours in addition to your favourite drinks.
Our passion as sommeliers and bartenders is to advise you on the right choice of wine, to prepare high-quality drinks for you and to make you go "mmmm" over our snacks.

See you soon at LA CËRCIA!

Cristian Costa
Kevin Senoner
Opening hours
Every day
4.30 pm - 1.00 am
“Wine is bottled poetry.”
– Robert L. Stevenson
Great selection of wines from all over the world

As a wine lover, you can look forward to an extensive and exciting wine list. The focus is on rosé, white, red and quality sparkling wines from South Tyrol and the rest of Italy, but LA CËRCIA also offers selected French labels and extravagant wines from all over the world. Be inspired!

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!”
– Dom Pérignon
Special occasions call for a special drink

Do you prefer champagne? Perhaps the best way to make a toast is with the unique sparkling wine from the French region of Champagne. Would you like a fruity rosé Champagne? An elegant, dry Brut from Jacquesson or Georges Laval, or an exclusive champagne from Dom Pérignon? Pop the cork and celebrate life! Cheers!

There’s always time for a cocktail.
Cool cocktails and refreshing long drinks

Cocktail lovers are in good hands with us. From popular long drinks such as Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule or Cuba Libre to the ultimate cocktail classics Mojito and Whiskey Sour to our own unusual creations, we will conjure up the perfect mixed drink for you. We are also happy to prepare delicious Virgin Cocktails. With this in mind: shake it!

Food made with love tastes the best.
Finger food and a variety of snacks

The small but delicious menu rounds off our offerings at LA CËRCIA. The menu includes a variety of antipasti, mixed cold cuts, a selection of exquisite local cheeses, oven-fresh pizza and the much sought-after "Panini", our deliciously prepared warm rolls. And of course, as with the drinks, the food is also of the highest quality.

Str. Rezia 30, I-39046 Ortisei (BZ)
Located in the heart of the pedestrian zone of Ortisei

The LA CËRCIA wine & cocktail bar in Val Gardena is well known. Easy to find and soon a firm favourite, it is not unusual to drop in spontaneously for a drink or two when passing by. Ideal for an after-work drink, an elegant aperitif, a romantic evening for two or a chic party in modern and stylish surroundings.
Our focus is always good drinks, good food and a good time. Drop by LA CËRCIA in the centre of Ortisei.


Lace is a traditionally distilled gin in an exclusive bottle that reflects the vision of its creators. It owes its premium quality to the use of exquisite herbs and aromas such as lemon peel, mint, juniper and coriander in combination with the famous Dolomite water, as well as its high-quality traditional production. The result is a unique, refreshing gin with an unmistakable taste.

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